10 Best Multiplayer Maps From The Gears Of War Trilogy

The best places for the bloodiest of brawls.

Gears of war 3 Fenix Rising

With Gears of War 4 finally out, players are no doubt getting their teeth into the franchise's acclaimed multiplayer offerings. While Gears' multiplayer has stayed popular over the years thanks to brutally cathartic executions, sharp controls and high-octane gameplay, the often incredible selection of multiplayer maps to do battle on is one of the prime reasons to hop into the fray.

Throughout Epic Games' trilogy, a number of multiplayer maps have emerged as absolute standouts, destined to host war for years to come. Gridlock for instance is the series stalwart that reappears in every game, and has once again reappeared in Gears 4, thanks to its incredible balance and iconic status among the series. Other maps from earlier titles tend to make a resurgence in later games too, thanks to sheer fan demand.

The maps are just that good.

As Gears of War 4 takes the stand - and fans decide which, if any, of its maps will become new favourites - it's time to look back at the best multiplayer maps the Xbox-exclusive trilogy gave gamers. Many of these maps are prone to bringing up tears of nostalgia, from a time where you and your buddies might have spent long nights chainsawing fools and capping zones.

So, in the words of Marcus Fenix:

Let's do this.


10. Checkout (Gears Of War 3)

Gears of war multiplayer

Checkout was one of the first maps that eager Gears fans got their hands on during the wait for Gears of War 3 as it appeared in the game's extensive beta. Set in an abandoned supermarket, Checkout is a brutal map - it's relatively small size and level playing field mean players finds each other fast. Death comes quickly on Checkout to those who don't pay attention.

The aisles allow for cover, meaning battles get intense around the frag grenade spawn at one end of the map. Opposite the frags however, you'll find the Mulcher - these two points of interest often see clashes early on in the game, but the small map size means you're back in the action quickly, especially with Gears 3's increased run speed.

Checkout also features a nice easter egg - a fire alarm can be triggered throughout the store that helps to mask the sounds made by players, ramping up the tension. This easter egg also gives access to the fire extinguisher, replete with its own gruesome execution.


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