10 Best Nintendo Switch Exclusives Of 2018

Who’s the very best from this dark horse of a console?

Nintendo/Square Enix

If 2017 announced the Nintendo Switch’s arrival with the brilliant Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, 2018 was the year it confirmed it could kick it with the best. The stale Wii U feels like a distant memory (though some of its best titles have gotten ports), and while games like Arms originally made the Switch feel like the Wii’s true successor, more ambitious recent games have marked it as a return to the glory days of the Gamecube, or dare we say it, the N64.

Ultimately, 2018 confirmed that the great games of 2017 were no fluke. The exclusives Nintendo served up this year are good enough to rival PlayStation and Xbox - especially when you look at the top three or so. Being much newer than those consoles, it sometimes feels like it’s fighting a losing battle, but after dogged determination in the form of some truly excellent games, equal footing has been earned.

New adventures for old favourites, reimaginings of classic tales and even some stellar new IPs, Switch owners had it good this year. What we’re focusing on here is exclusives. So which exclusive was the very best, like no one ever was?


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