10 Best Open-World Games Of 2018

Sailing, supercars and superhero selfies. 2018 was one hell of a year.


The year may have ended on a low for open world adorers thanks to Bethesda's poor decisions, but taken as a whole, 2018 has been the best yet for sandbox lovers and would-be adventurers. Capcom got the party off to a riveting start with Monster Hunter: World and its inescapable addiction of killing and skinning man-eating monsters in the name of Hunter fashion, a fantastic war against nature followed in the spring with Sea of Thieves and Sony Santa Monica's award-winning God of War.

While the latter attracted instant classic status, Rare's swashbuckling adventure needed a few extra months to reach peak condition, but now it stands proud as a must-have Xbox exclusive alongside Forza Horizon 4. But it's not just Microsoft and Sony's first parties to have yielded the juiciest fruit. A slew of multi-platform delights, some built on eye-watering budgets, others through gracious crowdfunding campaigns, have spent the last 12 months competing for life's most precious resource, forcing the difficult choice: 'which one do I play first?'

Personal taste dictates that not all of 2018's best and brightest will be loved by all, but appreciating the absurd number of man-hours that went into the creation of every sprawling world gifted to us in 2018 is something we can all celebrate. Here's to you, 2018.


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