10 Best Original Weapons In Video Game History

Cinema gave us the lightsaber, video games gave us...

video game weapons

There have been some mightily impressive and memorable gaming heroes in the history of the medium. Loveable rogues and reluctant warriors alike have taken up the mantle of leading a video game adventure, and some of them have gone on the become so famous that they're known around the world even outside of gaming circles.

But many gaming heroes would be nothing without their trusty gear. Since video games are mostly a pretty competitive affair, our heroes regularly have to rely on an arsenal of powerful and unique weapons to get the job done. Some of these weapons have even gone on to forge sterling reputations all on their own.

Whether they be founded on a unique design or simply built to unleash tremendous fury, some of gaming's best original weapons are more than worthy of celebration. With that in mind, it's time to take a look at some of the very best.

So, if cinema has the lightsaber, what does gaming have?


10. Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Keybade
Square Enix

Wielded by multiple characters over the course of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Keyblades are said to be crucial in the battle between the forces of light and darkness. With the power to open or seal the barriers between worlds in certain realms, they're literally a key part of the games' mythology.

As well as these more civilised uses, Keyblades also make pretty formidable weapons. Despite most not actually featuring a cutting edge, all are still wielded like swords and can be extremely efficient against several enemy types. Many of their wielders are also able to extend the weapon to perform ultimate attacks.

Keyblades aren't for everyone, however, and their holders need to demonstrate particular traits in order to use them. An exceptionally strong heart is a requirement, and the weapon will even return to the hand of its owner if another person tries to wield it.


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