10 Best Pokemon You've Probably Never Bothered Catching

Next time you're refreshing your line-up give a second thought to these Pokemon who can apparently be far more effective than their obscurity would suggest.

"Gotta catch 'em all"; even in Generation Five, and with over 600 of the little buggers in existence, those words will forever serve as the ultimate goal for players of the Pokemon games. In reality, though, most players of the popular series of handheld games will never even consider this a viable target and will settle instead for simply building up a team of six that they believe are capable of conquering any region in the Pokemon world. This focus on battling, or more accurately on winning battles, means that there are huge numbers of the monsters that will never make the roster of any competitive player. Many of the cuter and smaller Pokemon that serve as excellent mascots for the franchise when it comes to attracting new, young fans just don't stand a chance in the competitive battling world. At the same time, some of the larger and uglier Pokemon that are staples for many of the finest battling teams have absolutely no appeal to young fans of the television series. For a franchise with such a wide audience and with so many forms of entertainment on offer this is unsurprising. What is surprising, however, is how some Pokemon have been so often incorrectly overlooked by the battle-focussed gamers. Nobody is surprised when a competitive team contains popular choices like Dragonite or Garchomp as these are widely accepted to be excellent battlers. Overexposure is their downfall, however, and savvy battlers are becoming more acquainted with all of their possible movesets and are becoming better equipped at neutralising them. These once reliable staples are being rendered ineffective, much to the frustration of players who have been able to depend on them for so long. What we have here, then, is a collection of Pokemon who are more often than not overlooked but are more than worthy of consideration next time you refresh your roster. In no particular order, these are the ten best Pokemon that you've probably never bothered catching...
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