10 Best RPGs On Nintendo Switch

The kind of RPG games that make one hundred hours of gameplay fly by...

legend of zelda breath of the wild

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the console’s library has built up a varied, expansive and excellent list of games. The Switch has been a huge success story for Nintendo and it’s not hard to see why when looking at the fun of its portability, the games on it and the way that the controller allows for different play styles.

Furthermore, over the past three years the Switch has come with a whole host of excellent RPGs. From new additions to big franchises, indie darlings, one off masterpieces and the remastering of well loved games to the console, there’s so much to play for lovers of role playing games.

Nintendo have brought a selection of RPGs to the console that take you on unforgettable adventures through all sorts of realms and worlds.

On this list are games with intricate combat systems, adventurous levelling skill trees to conquer, immersive gameplay and enough story to last you hundreds of hours. Each addition has that something that makes them special - the only question is, which one are you now gonna play first?

10. Dark Souls Remastered

legend of zelda breath of the wild
From Software

When Dark Souls was initially released in 2011, it breathed new life into the RPG genre and set gamers off on a journey that they’d remember for life. The game was punishing and cruel, but the level of reward that came with fighting bosses and persevering was pure euphoria. Dark Souls made you want to be better… if you managed to get through it without throwing your controller out of the window.

The remaster cleans up the graphics and technical aspects of the game and irons out many of the issues around the playability of certain levels in the original. Being able to play Dark Souls on the Nintendo Switch not only adds to the immersion but let's seasoned players relive the experience without it seeming too familiar.

The handheld experience creates a different enough experience for gamers without seeming unsuited for the gameplay.

Dark Souls has always been about treasuring the little achievements and taking great pride in every success, and this first game in the franchise was possibly the series at its best in that way. It’s a definite must buy for both lovers of the RPG genre and those who like their games to be challenging.


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