10 Best Star Wars Video Game Heroes Ranked Worst To Best

The Force is strong with this lot.

Best Star Wars Game Characters

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there existed a landmark film franchise ripe for relentless franchising. From beloved cartoon shows to mortifying holiday specials, Star Wars' imperial dominance of pop culture has provided fans with an endless array of products to enjoy. One area that has frequently proven fruitful in this regard is the addictive world of video games.

While many Star Wars games have served as tie-ins to the films, others have expanded the lore, taking players to different time periods and introducing a whole host of new and exciting characters. Among the many protagonists and likeable figures who've made their way into Star Wars gaming, some stand out as especially effective heroes.

From dramatic redemption arcs to lovable underdog stories, there's a perfect goodie for just about every taste within the near-endless array of Star Wars games from over the years. Better still, for players looking to indulge their inner-Sith Lord, the chance to whip out a red lightsaber and put the galaxy through hell has presented itself in many Star Wars games.

With Star Wars Jedi: Survivor receiving widespread acclaim earlier this year, it's high time newer gamers and fans out there discovered the vast array of fresh heroes the gaming medium has offered over the years.

10. Lord Scourge - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Best Star Wars Game Characters

Star Wars: The Old Republic provided fans with one of the most intriguing redemption arcs in Star Wars history in the form of Lord Scourge, a surprisingly complex Sith menace.

Frustrated with the Sith Emperor and his own involvement in the dark side, the fearsome Scourge begins to question his place in the galaxy. Torn between his life as a Sith and an inkling of needing to do the right thing, the powerful warrior remains internally torn between two sides for centuries.

In a thrilling twist for players, Scourge's long-gestating plans to betray the Emperor and put a stop to his galaxy-crushing plans lead to him becoming a trusty companion for a spell. With sharp, often biting dialogue, immense Force powers, and an unexpectedly strong sense of loyalty to the Hero of Tython, Scourge quickly transitions from grim villain to likable anti-hero.

The closing stretch of his arc sees him help save the day before being awarded the Cross of Glory for his bravery. Scourge's journey serves as a moving meditation on it never being too late to turn one's life around.

After years of darkness, his commitment to saving the galaxy sees him readily accepted by the Jedi as an ally, helping him to move past, and atone for, his wicked crimes. It's a supremely effective piece of storytelling from BioWare's MMORPG that gave fans the bizarre, memorable sight of a heroic Sith Lord standing tall with the Jedi.


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