10 Best Video Game Boss Battles Of The Decade

The big bad boss fights that defined the 2010s.


Like all decades, the 2010s had its ups and downs - arguably more of the latter these last few years, but at least we have plenty to talk about. In the world of video games, however, it's just as much of a mixed bag.

Trends have come and gone, eras of gaming have had their heyday, and once-great developers and titans of the industry have been shaved down to husks of what they once were, or destroyed altogether (RIP Visceral and Telltale).

In short, one of the more interesting decades in gaming's very short but also very dynamic history. One can only wonder what the next ten years and (assuming we live that long) the decades after that have in store for us, but one thing will remain constant in the world of gaming.

Boss battles will always be awesome.

This decade gave us some of the best in gaming history, so this is gonna be a list of the best to come out this decade. From certain Gotham-based superhero duels to ashen kingdoms lorded over by flamesword-wielding spectres, the last 10 years have given us some monumentally fun battles.


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