10 Best Video Game Boss Battles YOU COULDN'T PLAY

Halo 5 could've been so much better if we fought Master Chief.

metal gear solid 4 vamp

Throughout the decades, video games have been home to dozens of some incredible boss fights. Whether these encounters were noteworthy for punishing levels of difficulty or groundbreaking design ideas, bosses are standout moments in every game.

More than existing just to push a player’s skill level to the limits, bosses are often used as key storytelling devices. By appearing at crucial points in a game’s plot, a boss is used to underscore the importance of the moment in question. Whether it’s the end of a dungeon or a turning point in the story, players can be sure to expect to see a boss arrive on the scene to mark the occasion.

Interacting with these moments as players is a huge part of what makes beating a boss feel so significant. However, there are plenty of games that, for whatever reason, don’t let players participate in some incredible confrontations.

Whether these fights played out in a cutscene, were reduced to a few basic button presses, or cut from their respective title entirely, these games could have been improved had players been allowed to punch these bosses in the face.

10. Zanzo - Hi-Fi Rush

metal gear solid 4 vamp
Bethesda Softworks

One of the most underrated releases of 2023, colourful rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush follows plucky protagonist Chai as he teams up with a ragtag group of new friends to take down the shady Vandelay corporation. Doing so requires defeating the head of each of company department.

One of these executives is eccentric genius Zanzo, who runs the R&D facility located within volcanic caverns deep underground.

Alongside his outrageous hairstyle and obsession for testing Chai’s combat abilities, this boss has a reckless disregard for spending his department’s budget. The more extravagant the enemies and environmental hazards Zanzo throws at Chai, the more cash players see drain from a gauge at the top of the screen.

When Chai eventually confronts Zanzo, players watch as the villain assembles a gigantic robot for what looks to be the boss fight. However, his funds run out moments before he can complete his creation. Chai knocks him out with a single blow, and the fight is over before it could begin.

Given how immensely satisfying and fun this game's rhythm-based combat system was, being robbed of what would have been another excellent boss fight was a disappointing (if still hilarious) end to this memorable villain's time onscreen.


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