10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs Of 2017

10. Classic Fighting Game Scenes In For Honor

For Honor Mortal Kombat

It's easy to forget that For Honor's unique fighting game charms dropped earlier in 2017, as almost all of its playerbase jumped ship shortly after release. Still, despite being disappointing, the title garnered a loyal following (albeit, a pretty tiny one), and the players that remain have continued to mine every level for easter eggs, secrets and references.

One particularly cool one can be found hidden in the distance of the Sanctuary map, with a small background detail referencing a classic image from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

If you position yourself correctly, you can see two fighters squaring off atop a bridge which looks suspiciously like The Pit level that's shown up in multiple entries in that gory series. It's a nice nod to For Honor's violent influences, and acts as a respectful ode to one of the greats of the video game industry.

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