10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs, Secrets & References Of 2017 (So Far)

10. Resident Evil 7's Monsters Are Made Of Real Dead Animals

resident evil 7 vii the molded

One of the most immediate takeaways from Resident Evil 7 (especially if you're playing in VR) is just how realistic the various piles of pulped flesh and viscera can look (seriously, go have a look in the Baker's fridge...). It's down to a process called Photogrammetry; a rendering technique that makes the various parts of any game world - from characters, vehicles and objects to the environment itself - look photo-realistic.

Involving the taking of multiple real-world photos and accurately attaching them onto 3D models in-game, Capcom used the process to first cobble together all sorts of horrific mounds of meat and dead animals, before taking pictures and bringing them to life in the digital realm. Horrifying, I'm sure you'll agree.

It's why the mansion itself can occasionally make you forget you're looking at a video game, and why the likes of the basement-dwelling Molded look so 'smushed together'. According to Killscreen, to get the desired effect,"Capcom went to a meat processing plant to take photographs of different meats, creating a creature comprised almost entirely of different dead animals."


RE 7 was a huge success, and joins a number of other games also using the technology like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Star Wars Battlefront, allowing for a literal hands-on approach to blending Hollywood-esque practical effects with digital coding, hopefully paving the way for all sorts of creations/abominations in future games.

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