10 Best Video Game Secrets, Easter Eggs & References Of 2018

Red Dead's Bully reference is BRILLIANT.


Easter eggs are great, aren't they? Often a reward for going off the beaten track, or perhaps a rascally developer leaving a digital signature in their work, they bring joy to inquisitive gamers and viewers alike.

Whether throwbacks to previous titles from the same studio or nods and homages to other works, they're always doubly rewarding if you understand the full context. Either as a tribute to great works or thinly veiled insults to less respected works, developers aren't above throwing their two cents in if they can help it. Crossing mediums like television, music videos and pop culture in general, it seems no one is safe from a jab or two.

This year's efforts have been no less entertaining, and seeing as 2018's titles are some of the best and biggest games of the generation, let's see what they have hidden for us.

10. Crossing Souls - Breaking Bad

Fourattic/Devolver Digital

Crossing Souls is a brilliant game that unabashedly wears its references on its sleeve.

Steeped in 80's nostalgia, riding on the high revived by Stranger Things, Fourattic's top-down action adventure romp has it all. Movie posters and videotapes parodying Star Wars, Cobra and Ghostbusters, cassette tapes of Lionel Ritchie, a shop akin to Mr. Wing's from Gremlins.

So it came as a surprise to see a more modern Easter egg thrown in the mix, in the form of roof pizza.

In the third season of Breaking Bad, Walter White is trying to make amends with his wife. Having discovered he's making meth, she's understandably a bit miffed and not in the mood for pizza. Walt vents his frustration and hoofs it onto the roof (in one take, apparently) before storming off.

Faithfully recreated here, even hero Chris remarks that, "You gotta be pretty angry with the world" to do that. It's a nice anachronistic nod to one of this decade's most seminal shows.


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