10 Best Video Games To 100%

For the love of the journey AND the destination.

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As gamers, we all know that sometimes a title can really get its hook in you. You might not have thought about it going into a game, but we've all had those moments of total clarity where we realise, "Yeah. I think I'm going to 100% this".

Whether that comes midway, or after you've completed the story and aren't ready to put it down, the optional content around games is truly what keep us invested for longer periods of time.

Some people totally complete titles for the rewards and some people do it for the love of it and there is certainly no right or wrong reason.

Many games make getting to that 100% competition a slog; overstuffing their playtime with irritating side quests or a dump-truck full of collectibles that you have to ask yourself... is it too late to back out now or are you committed to make to seeing that illustrious three digit number?

Thankfully, the games on this list are none of the sort. Whilst they range in length and amount of content greatly, what it means to be one of the best games to 100% complete is purely that players enjoyed every step along the way.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn

god of war kratos

Horizon Zero Dawn is an awesome marriage of an incredible story, exciting gameplay and most importantly perhaps of all a gorgeous open world. Whilst many games’ idea of realism is dark, gritty and gloomy, what makes the Horizon series stand out from its contemporaries is just how flipping pretty it is. Once it gets its hooks in you, you may not want to leave.

There’s a certain school of thought that says that the journey itself can be the reward as opposed to the destination and if any game applies to that ideal it's Horizon. Even when the story finishes and you’re dropped back in front of the game’s major city, many players find the allure of Horizon’s beautiful post-civilisation world a hard one to depart from.

Outside of the main story there are plenty of things to do including completing hunting trials, cleansing corrupted zones and a buffet of side quests.

Horizon Zero Dawn does have some collectibles to account for but it’s not an overabundance and it’s just another excuse to throw Aloy on the back of a robotic horse and delve deeper into the world’s jungles, deserts and mountains.

With gameplay as engaging as this and a map that few open world games can compare themselves to, Horizon deserves this tip of the cap.

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