10 Best Video Games To Play After Sekiro

Think you're tough? Try these on for size.

FromSoftware/Team Ninja

Sekiro was a unique experience, able to stand out from the crowd this generation by scratching so many itches at once. Blending fantasy and horror with stealth, hack and slash and RPG action, coupled with Fromsoftware's unique and eccentric design choices, how on Earth could you possibly hope to find another game that comes close?

FromSoftware's latest offered so much. There's a notably high difficulty level that left many players overwhelmed, a distinctly ominous tone, brutally tight controls and boss fights, the atmosphere of a world familiar gone mad.

Plus, it's got ninjas in it.

Still, if we break down the components of Sekiro overall, maybe we can come close.

It'd be understandable if you wanted to play something more cosy, lord knows you've earned it. But if you want to recapture some of that magic, the same magic that pit you against a terrifying and flatulent ape with a sword and a severed head, then there are some other games you should consider.


10. Stealth & Exploration? The Assassin's Creed Franchise


Whilst it doesn't have the hardcore combat and high difficulty level of Sekrio, the AC franchise does have stealth and exploration in abundance.

If you liked climbing the roof tops in a fantastical Japanese setting, you're in for a treat. Assassin's Creed pretty much wrote the book on scrabbling over rooftops.

Ranging from Ancient Greece all the way to the Victorian era, it's simply a case of choosing your favourite historical hotspot and playing at being a parkour tourist.

Each game tends to get better as they go along, give or take, and the world size and customisation options should make the game last considerably longer than anything else on this list, especially Odyssey.

The plot's a little bonkers but if you've come off the back of Sekiro it should feel largely coherent.


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