10 Best Video Games You Can Complete In One Sitting

Life is too short to play terrible games.

Journey Two Hours

Life is too short to play terrible games.

Unfortunately, it is usually too hectic to play many games at all - especially the 100 hour behemoths, which are too common in today's marketplace. As a result, shorter "bitesize" video games have risen in popularity in recent years, which can be completed in a single sitting.

Spanning a range of genres and platforms, these games offer an immersive, engaging experience that fills an afternoon, but doesn't require a dedicated spreadsheet outlining your free time in order to complete.

Most importantly, they contain some of the most beautiful and complete stories in gaming. Therefore, they should not be underestimated in terms of the emotional gut punches they can throw at unsuspecting players.

Suitable for gaming veterans and newcomers alike, these games offer an opportunity to try something new and exciting in the form of a snack, rather than an overwhelming banquet of content.

Regardless of whether players load these games up out of skepticism or curiosity, there is no denying that it is intensely satisfying to complete any of these video game in a single sitting just because they are that enjoyable...

10. Undertale

Journey Two Hours
Toby Fox

Alternating at a rapid pace between terrible puns and then terrible consequences to your own actions, Undertale plays with and occasionally destroys the conventions of a typical RPG. For that reason alone, it can keep a player engaged for a complete sitting.

The strange and unusual characters only add to this intrigue. This is because the player can choose to either spare the inhabitants of the world, or murder them without mercy and face the aforementioned consequences. Unlike most games, curiosity here may very well kill the cat and resetting will definitely not bring it back.

This is because regardless of the player's actions, the fourth wall is never spared. Undertale will remember the player's choices and frequently flaunt mistakes to their face. This is a key feature which is used to great advantage within the storytelling of the game and makes for compelling playing.

Overall, don't be fooled by the simplistic pixel art and retro soundtrack. This is a game that is very self-aware of its audience and what it is trying to accomplish by deconstructing gaming tropes, which it manages to do in a meaningful and thought-provoking way.

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