10 Best Visceral Video Games - Ranked

If you grew up playing video games, at least one of these used to be your favourite.

Visceral Games

It is with devastating precedent that EA have sadly shut down the monolithic Visceral Games - formerly EA Redwood Shores.

Responsible for everything from Dead Space to The Simpsons and various movie tie-ins, Visceral are one of those studios you don't realise just how many memories and good times are associated with their work, until the studio's very existence is called into question.

An even more annoying facet of their closure comes from knowing they were working on what sounded like a very Uncharted-like Star Wars game, penciled in for a tentative 2018 release. Now Visceral are no more, as EA have cited wanting to refocus the game's single player into something that "players will want to come back to and enjoy for a long time" i.e. they want a "platform" of content a la Destiny or GTA Online - a game that continues to bring in money for many months after launch.

Such a decision is apparently where a lot of triple-A development is heading, though before all that comes to pass, it's well worth reminiscing on just how many stellar releases came from such a talented team over the years.

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