10 Biggest 2017 Video Games You Should Be Worried About

Don't believe the hype.


As far as the gaming world has been concerned, 2017 has gotten off to a cracking start. Between the under-the-radar Nioh and the surprisingly excellent Resident Evil 7, players have had plenty of juicy gaming experiences to sink their teeth into so far in 2017 - and we're only two months in.

But while the major publishers are set to pump out new sequels and original experiences later this year, some of the industry's most hyped games are already starting to show the tell-tale signs of over-promise and unfulfilled potential.

And even though players have started calling out publishers on their bull and scripted trailers, there's still some hotly anticipated releases that we can't help but want to defend, even if they've burned us in the past.

So although there's some sure-fire hits coming this year that you can confidently go crazy over, there's just as many releases that expectations need to be tempered for.

Every year we set ourselves up for a fall by blindly raving over clearly suspect releases, and we shouldn't forget that just because we all love Crash Bandicoot.


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