10 Biggest PlayStation Fails Sony Wants You To Forget

1. The PlayStation Network Hack

The PlayStation 3's console generation was the one that made gamers dependant on online services to get their gaming fix. By 2011, it was a given that you should always be connected to your PSN account, able to buy digital games on a whim, and hook up with friends for group game sessions. But when one of the biggest hacks in the history of tech - let alone gaming - hit the PlayStation Network on 17th April 2011, every PS3 owner was left stranded. Not only that, but the personal details of around 77 million PSN users had been stolen by hackers. Realistically, the thing that most outraged gamers wasn't the idea of their precious personal data being compromised, but the fact that they were deprived of their beloved online gaming services for the best part of a month, with full service only being restored on 18th May. How was a gamer to live? Sony fumbled around for weeks trying to fix the catastrophic data breach, and their subsequent giveaway of decent freebies like Infamous, Dead Nation and Wipeout HD did little to mask the humiliating impact this hack had on Sony's reputation. The incident cost Sony $171 million, and is often referred back to as evidence of Sony sloppy attitude towards its customers' security. What are Sony's biggest fumbles with the PlayStation? Let us know in the comments!
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