10 Biggest PlayStation Fails Sony Wants You To Forget

6. PlayStation 3 Stealing The Spider-Man Font

A new console, a new start, a fresh font - sound logic, really. It worked out brilliantly in the transition from the PS1 to PS2, when Sony introduced that sensual blue, super-thin font to adorn the console's body. When the PS3 came out, it looked like Sony literally scrambled around for the nearest piece of popular culture that was kind of trending at the time and ran with that. Yes, everyone absolutely loved Spiderman 2, and Spiderman 3 was just around corner, so why not pounce on the fleeting fervor for Tobey Maguire zipping around in a Spidey suit by giving your latest games console exactly the same font as the movie title? Sony amended its mistakes with the 2nd Edition PS3 'Slim', which reintroduced a minimal, but slightly more curvaceous font than that of the PS2. Pride saved, but we'll never forget the randomness of trying to cash in with Spidey.
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