10 Biggest Risks In Video Games (That Didn't Pay Off)

9. A Live-Service AAA Avengers Game Completely Falls Apart

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Square Enix

"Square Enix!" shouted Disney from the rooftops, "Here is the license to make a game based on the hottest property in the world - the Avengers! Have fun, and remember, with great power, comes great responsibility!" And with a swish of a cape, Disney was gone, and Square Enix was left to their own devices.

Turns out they probably shouldn't have been. Marvel's Avengers is everything an Avengers game shouldn't have been. Instead of being a fantastic AAA game made in the same style as Rocksteady's uber-popular and definitive superhero adventures, the Batman Arkham Trilogy, Avengers instead decided to go straight for the live service model.

While there's a glimmer of hope with the storyline in Avengers, the whole thing is just soured by all of the loot, all of the menus, all of the microtransactions (pay us dollars for an XP boost - URGH), and all of the drip-feed of content. If you've played it, you probably spent most of the experience wondering to yourself: why?

Square Enix and developers Crystal Dynamics should have asked the very same question. Despite initial decent sales, word soon got out about Avenger's pretty soulless gaming loop, and it ended up causing Square Enix to lose over $60 million dollars.


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