10 Biggest Unanswered Video Game Mysteries

For developers' eyes only.


Mysteries have always held great appeal to players, allowing them to uncover plot elements that would remain hidden without investigation. Also, there’s a thrilling aspect at being the first person in the world to discover an answer.

Often it relates to unresolved plot points, leaving players to establish their own conclusions and fan theories. Sometimes they come as easter eggs instead, seeing developers hiding jokes, references, cameos or hints to players that otherwise look out of place.

One aspect unique to gaming mysteries however, is that developers often change their original plans during production, leaving out certain aspects or blocking them off so they’re no longer accessible.

This can come down to a number of reasons, such as lack of development time, a change in vision or finding that segment just no longer works. It’s a common occurrence which sometimes leaves traces players were never meant to find, leaving players to ponder what was once included.

Fan speculation is nothing new across creative media but gaming’s interactive nature leads to players attempting all manner of tricks to find hidden secrets.

There’s no shortage of mysteries as a result and here are some of the biggest ones still being questioned to this day.


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