10 Biggest Victories #GamerGate Has Achieved So Far

Often misunderstood, the GamerGate movement has achieved a lot in just under two months.

If you're in need of a quick summary of the ongoing debate, check out our previous coverage. It€™s been about six weeks since the scandal began and the victory count is considerably high. Gamers from all over the world have trudged through attempts at character assassinations, death threats, and name-calling to push for better ethics in videogame journalism. It seems being compared to ISIS (by certain figures) wasn€™t enough to stop them either, as livestreams and discussions via Twitter are at their highest. The tag has even reached over 125K tweets so far and over 25K tweets on October 15th alone. Needless to say the tag is extremely popular and will not die down easily, much to the dismay of many people who claimed this would be over the week it began. Of course, the ad hominem serves as nothing but encouragement for GamerGate supporters, who have taken these non-coherent tantrums and pointed out just how wrong, and frankly, despicable they are (George Reese even deleted his tweet when confronted about it, but archives never forget unfortunately). Their cry is simple: Increased journalistic integrity in videogame journalism, less collusion, less nepotism and more balanced judgements on videogames and the industry €“ yet many mainstream media outlets and prominent feminists have spun this to look like a personal attack against women in gaming. To anyone who€™s explored the tag for a little while, this is obviously not the case. In fact, GamerGate has quite the number of achievements to be proud off.

Honourable Mention: The Artwork

The GamerGate tag on both Twitter and Tumblr are plastered with artwork depicting certain milestones during the GamerGate scandal and The Fine Young Capitalists' recent character: Vivian James, who is now a sort of mascot for GamerGate. This goes to show how creative gamers can be and solidifies the sense of community in the tags. There€™s some really great talent in there.
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