10 Biggest Video Game Blunders Of 2016

Where Konami remade Metal Gear Solid 3... as a gambling machine.

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Each year that passes we are greeted with shining highs and crippling lows, with the gaming industry being no different.

This past year has certainly been a mixed bag. We've seen some of the biggest franchises mark their future return in the likes of Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us and God of War. Not to mention the numerous remasters announced and released that hit gamers right in the nostalgia. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, we've seen fan favourite franchises take advantage of their fans, and even new ones make promises they wouldn't deliver on.

We've seen questionable decisions lead to disastrous outcomes, but also huge risks that lead to great rewards.

2016 was just plain weird, but as we look back on another year come and gone, we'll remember the industry we sometimes hate to love and the biggest blunders its given along the way. Such as...


10. Cuphead Delayed (Again) Until Mid-2017

cuphead game

Back at E3 in 2014, there was one indie game that took the world by storm, and that game was Cuphead. It had one of the most unique styles a video game has had to date, appearing as if it was ripped right out of Disney's vault from the 1930s. The animation of the game was one of its calling cards, and brought in every gamer's interest, but it would also be its weakness.

After E3 it went from coming out in 2015, to coming out sometime in 2016. There was never a definite release date. As days and months in 2016 went by with no new word, developer Studio MDHR came out and said the game would be pushed back to mid-2017.

Yet another delay with no definite release date, instead an allotted window of time which may not even see a release.

It's easy to go hard on the delay of Cuphead, simply because it's something fans want to see so badly. But it must be admitted, a delay is a lot better than an unfinished game, and had Studio MDHR rushed and released an unfinished product, who knows where they would have landed on this list.


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