10 Biggest Video Game Complaints FIXED In DLC

Video game complaints fixed with DLC! Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 & more!

Mass Effect 3

Video games often invite a lot more scorn than praise these days. Most have it coming, being rushed out for release in a buggy and unfinished state or simply just being a terrible, terrible disappointment. But others, despite offering an overall amazing experience, still sometimes feature something unfortunate that leaves a bad taste in players' mouths.

This something can be as small as an underwhelming level or boss fight, or as monumental as an entire core mechanic of the game.

And when the community causes such a stink about these things, what do developers do? They give them what they want in DLC, of course!

Granted, that's not always the case, and many games are left imperfect due to the stubbornness of their creators. With this in mind, you've really got to admire those who are able to take criticism on board, and even go the extra mile to create all-new content that rectifies the issues that were flagged in the first place.

And even though you usually have to put a bit more money in, seeing how much better off the game is with its DLC improvements is what finally gives you your money's worth.

10. Lacklustre Story - Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den (2010)

Mass Effect 3
2K Games

Bioshock 2 is by no means a bad game, but being the follow-up to what many consider one of gaming's all-time greatest achievements, there was a lot of pressure for it to deliver. It turned out well, but players were largely left unfulfilled when comparing the game to the original.

Among the complaints was the suggestion that the story lacked the weight and philosophical messages that Bioshock 1 conveyed so well. Obviously, there was little 2K Games could have done here save for rewriting the entire game - but what they offered instead was more than enough to satiate fans' needs.

Minerva's Den is a standalone expansion to Bioshock 2 in which the player, a Big Daddy by the name of Sigma, must track down a supercomputer called The Thinker in order to escape Rapture.

Even with a runtime of around 4-5 hours, Minerva's Den provides a rich and intricate story as well as new weapons and plasmids to play around with. All this combined forms a package that a lot of Bioshock players find superior to the base game.

With this expansion, Bioshock 2 really feels like a worthy successor to the original timeless classic.


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