10 Biggest Video Game Controversies Of 2019 (So Far)

Gaming is a stressful world.


Although many of us view it as something much more, gaming is a business, and where there's business there's controversy.

This is especially true of a community as tight-knit as gamers. Almost everything that happens in the gaming community is made public, which means that when something big happens, there's usually about a million people ready to pick up on it.

Sometimes a game just isn't up to the standard it was promised to be. Sometimes a developer puts a foot out of line and insults a fanbase. Sometimes the Government has to get involved and a game is basically blacklisted by an entire community.

Sometimes it's all three, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

2019 has been no exception for gaming controversy, either. Although it is by no means the most dramatic year we've had in the gaming world, this year has definitely had its fair share of talked about moments.

Let's hope this list is as bad as it gets.


10. Joy-Con Drift


Technology is always going to have some faults, especially those that are still in their growing stages. That doesn't make it feel any better though.

The Nintendo Switch in particular has had its fair share of growing pains since its launch last year, and one of the most prominent is 'drifting'.

Essentially referring to one of the Joy-Cons inputting without their being any buttons pressed or controllers moved, think of it as the controller working on its own, only it's really annoying instead of cool.

Most people have reported the drifting to happen on their left Joy-Cons, but it's also been seen to happen to the other as well. No side is safe here it seems.

In all fairness to Nintendo, they've offered a lot of users free repairs, but it's just yet another issue for the Nintendo Switch for a console that has already seen its fair share.

It doesn't help that Joy-Cons are ridiculously expensive as it is.

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