10 Biggest Video Game Villain Cliches (And Why We Love Them)

Not all cliches are created equal.

Team Ico

So much goes into creating a memorable video game villain - a killer design and strong voice actor, a handful of memorable motivations, and of course, a final boss fight worthy of their stature.

But video game villains are so myriad that it's incredibly tough for developers and designers to make them truly unique, and so even the strongest video games tend to lean back on tried-and-tested cliches every now and then.

Now, many video game villain cliches have long since become tired - particularly the widespread idea that antagonists need to be grotesque or deformed in nature - but others are actually oddly comforting.

These 10 villain tropes, whether pertaining to their actions and motives or the gameplay design of their in-game encounters, continue to endure to this day despite arguably being overdone in the general gaming sphere.

When they're executed even half-way well, they tend to elevate a game and simply make it even more enjoyable.

The lesson here? Cliches and tropes aren't always inherently a bad thing, taking advantage of elemental concepts that just work for the vast majority of players...


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