10 Biggest Video Game Villain Cliches (And Why We Love Them)

7. All The Life Bars

Shadow of the Colossus

Life bars are one of the most basic video game mechanics there is, offering up a visual indication of a boss' health to let the player know how well - or how badly - they're doing.

And while the majority of games simply give enemies a single life bar, some dare to give bigger bosses - and especially the final Big Bad themselves - multiple life bars to convey just how tough and badass they truly are.

This is taken to virtually parodic extremes in the Yakuza franchise, where late-game boss encounters can have up to six life bars for players to smash their way through.

Franchises such as Bayonetta, Dynasty Warriors, and Mass Effect also tend to give bigger bosses multiple life bars, and while it does sometimes lead to frustration, the satisfaction of slogging your way to the end speaks for itself.

If nothing else, it truly makes you feel like you earned the victory.


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