10 Biggest WTF Moments From Batman: Arkham Knight

It's like The Dark Knight Rises all over again...

With the release of Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has reached the end of a journey started back in 2009 and the reaction couldn't be any more ecstatic - countless critics have lavished praise on the remarkable voice cast, lush visuals, refined combat and breathtakingly epic story. Though that's not to say the final chapter in the Arkhamverse hasn't been met with some criticism as well - as it's by this point nearly unanimously agreed upon that the Batmobile is easily the shakiest aspect of the game, as well as a few narrative issues that unfortunately soured the experience for some. And as for the disastrous PC launch, well... the less said about that debacle, the better. But, by and large, Arkham Knight has capped off a legendary series with a satisfyingly epic conclusion that's sure to go down in history, packed with enough twists and turns to have gamers picking up their jaws from one moment to the next. And, as is usually the custom with every triple A release, fans have flocked to the message boards and comments sections to dissect the story, unearth easter eggs and share the moments that had them mouthing those all-encompassing words: "What the f**k." Whether it's the shockingly unexpected death of a key player, the dark corners of Batman's psyche to which the story delves into or just simply a few artistic choices that had players scratching their heads in baffled frustration - Rocksteady's magnum opus was positively loaded with moments where the only response capable of summing up all those feelings of exhilaration, shock or disappointment was uttering that catch-all phrase. Warning: Spoilers will inevitably follow.


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