10 Biggest WTF Moments In Mass Effect History

Wait, an evil Shepard CLONE?!

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The Mass Effect trilogy is beloved for many reasons; its believable science fiction world, the well written characters and the groundbreaking RPG elements make for one of the defining video game experiences of the last generation.

Thankfully, all these combine to bring about all sorts of highly dramatic twists, turns, and surprises that consistently kept gamers on their toes throughout all three main games. What makes them so good and memorable is that many of these moments either don't happen - or happen differently - depending on the choices you make, customizing each player's experience in ways both big and small.

These moments confused, thrilled, and above all stunned gamers; often turning what you think you knew to be true upside down, for better or for worse. Whether it be impossibly hard choices, startling revelations, or that ending nobody would shut up about, these are some of the biggest WTF moments in the Mass Effect series.


10. Conrad Verner Saves The Day

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One of the most amusing storylines weaved throughout the Mass Effect trilogy is the journey of the galaxy's biggest fanboy, the infamous Conrad Verner. First appearing in Mass Effect as an innocent fan of Shepard's, this seemingly incidental encounter evolves over the course of three games into a long-running joke with heart.

Should he make it into Mass Effect 3, you'll find him actually doing his small part to help against the Reapers, though he is the same naive over the top goofball that adores Shepard with every fibre of his being. Pry enough and you can even get him to admit that he has built a "tasteful" shrine to Shepard's image.

But when a Cerberus assassin attempts to shoot Shepard, Conrad selflessly jumps in the way; the image of him twisting in the air intentionally made hilarious. Conrad can actually die here, which is both sad and kind of funny.

However, if you aided a side character named Jenna way back in the first game, she intervenes, saving Conrad. The two then end up hitting it off over their combined love of Shepard. It's a simple and perfect way to end one of the franchise's more charmingly strange, but relatable, storylines.

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