10 Boss Fights That Play TOTALLY Different To Their Games

No one does boss fights like Hideo Kojima.

A great boss fight should normally feel like an extension of the game before it, a test of all you’ve learned and a chance for you to prove that you’ve mastered the game’s mechanics.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily a crap boss fight if it doesn’t do this, but it does take you aback when a boss fight mechanically has very little to do with all the gameplay techniques the game has taught you so far.

That’s precisely what we’ll be digging into in this list, the boss encounters whose combo of mechanics and vibe took a huge step away from the gameplay we’d come to expect, and more importantly spent time getting really good at, until that point.


10. Mz. Ruby - Sly Cooper & The Thievius Raccoonus

sly cooper mz ruby
Sucker Punch

This is a boss fight that you’ll either remember fondly for its very cool vibe or less fondly if this sharp gameplay turn into a rhythm game was not something you were prepared for.

Mz. Ruby, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, is an alligator, voodoo practitioner, and enemy of Sly Cooper as part of the Fiendish Five. Her boss encounter is a little unusual though. Despite spending most of Sly Cooper platforming, slashing, sneaking about, and collecting stuff, you’ll need to trade all of that expertise for the ability to press the right button on your PlayStation controller at the right time to get by Mz. Ruby.

The Haitian gator will shoot collections of button sequences at you and pressing them at just the right moment will ensure Sly doesn’t tumble off his turtle or other precarious pedestal.

It’s actually a very cool boss fight even if the game does completely change genres for a bit there to make it happen. That said, you might not find it cool thanks to the combo of Mz. Ruby changing up the pacing the further in you get, and the fact that the button presses don’t always register when you expect them to.


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