10 Broken Yu-Gi-Oh Cards That Can NEVER Be Unbanned

Link and Xyz Monsters are nothing compared to these.


Konami recently revealed the brand-new Forbidden & Limited List, effective from the 15 June, to much controversy, with players expressing dissatisfaction at the Ban List's inability to contain the existing metagame in an adequate way.

Unlike Trading Card Games like Pokémon and Magic The Gathering, which operate a rotation of card legality as a preventative measure against power creep, Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Ban List is updated every few months to curb the professional game, handicapping the decks that dominated the previous format while encouraging players to experiment with new decks and cards.

While some cards take brief stints on the Ban List before being unleashed once again into the game after their effects have been dampened by newer cards or Yu-Gi-Oh!'s evolving pace, others have been banned since the very beginning. Often the most powerful cards are deceptively simple, with just a couple of lines of text rendering them too unbalanced for competitive play.

While some restricted cards effects' are weakened over time, there are some cards that just can never be un-banned without breaking the game, with a number of these being released in Yu-Gi-Oh!'s earliest sets.

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