10 Brutal Gaming Cutscenes That Still Haunt You

If watching them was bad, just think: somebody had to animate these.

The Last of Us Joel Bloater
Naughty Dog

As a general rule, death is something games teach you to avoid at all costs. No-one likes having hours of progress flushed down the toilet, and no-one likes watching characters they care about get murdered before their eyes. Some games, however, push this even further, by having special cutscenes dedicated to putting the protagonist through the most horrific situations imaginable.

Hours of animating, art and scripting work, all with a single purpose: To let you know that you just messed up really, really bad. While some of these deaths or otherwise traumatising moments are unavoidable, others are specially-tailored scenes based on whatever painful way your hero just kicked the bucket.

While a simple ‘Game Over’ screen might not leave much of a lasting impression, sometimes, games are intent on utterly traumatising you. Here’s 10 of the most brutal video game cutscenes that still haunt you to this day.

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