10 Brutal Video Game Fighting Moves You Won’t Believe Exist

Oh, the violence you can carry out with a toilet and your own bare hands.

Fist of the North Star

As much as the theory that violent video games make people more bloodthirsty is a total myth, it's undeniably true that a lot of gamers crave a spot of gore here and there.

Much like violent TV and films, seeing your daily dose of grot in a fantasy world lets you get the adrenaline pumping without even having to leave the house. Which is a real blessing, even if the sheer scale of it all does make you wonder if anyone has checked the creative team's basements recently for skeletons.

And the blessing of video games is that creators have a lot more free room to get as ridiculous as they want with their violence. While other mediums have to focus on fights being short and fitting the plot, some franchises actively make ridiculous combat moves because they know you'll love it - even if it's in no way realistic.

Whether its ripping someone's organs out, giving them botched plastic surgery, or just drowning them in a used toilet, there is literally no end to the weird, wild and absolutely brutal moves developers have dreamt up over the years. It's the most messed up blessing of all.

10. The Knife Chandelier - The Punisher

Fist of the North Star

It's fair to say that The Punisher game plays a surprisingly decent role in the history of environmental kills. If you played it, the idea of shoving someone's head into a furnace, or beheading them with a window likely still fills you with unbridled joy.

Every single area in the game comes complete with about seven special kills for when you get tired of just blasting them and realise that you should probably interrogate your prey.

Of these various Saw-like moments, the very best has to be a manoeuvre that has no official name, but can be best described as "The Knife Chandelier".

As, when you corner an enemy in a section of the game that have a series of knives hanging above a counter, you can use it to scare the absolute bejesus out of them. You rattle the knife holder furiously over them, making it rain down blades that only narrowly miss your panicking target.

Cruelly, when they do actually spill their secrets, you then promptly kill them by losing the final knife into them. It's the Punisher, though, so you were hardly expecting him to apologise, cover them in a warm blanket, and then make them soup.


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