10 Brutal Video Game Punishments For Breaking The Law

The harshest ever penalties for gamers who step out of line.

Everquest 2 prison

In the real world, the law is the law. We all know it, and most of us have the good sense to stay on the right side of it. These rules aren't always so clear in a video game - and even when they are, sometimes you just can't help but do the complete opposite anyway.

I'm sure going in, you probably say to yourself, "To hell with the consequences!", which may turn out to be a very poor choice of words indeed, for what awaits you if you get caught is often not far off from an in-game Hell itself.

By doing things that are considered underhanded, unethical, unfaithful or downright inhuman, players can be subjected to some pretty humbling punishments, ranging from an instant game over to a soul-crushing setback to a permanent, game-changing alteration that NEVER goes away.

As killing is usually the bread and butter of video games, this list won't include any punishments for murder (especially considering that a common solution to these problems is even more murder).

Rest assured, however, there are many other ways to flex your delinquent muscles in video games, and not all of them have you walking away scot free.

10. Death By Desecration - Salt & Sanctuary (2016)

Everquest 2 prison
Ska Studios

Sanctuaries are the much-appreciated safe havens in the fiendishly challenging Metroidvania adventure, Salt and Sanctuary, and claiming them in the name of your Creed will grant you a permanent place of respite away from the island's hideous inhabitants.

Some of them belong to a Creed you're not a part of, however, and while they still replenish your healing items and allow you to level up, you don't get the full benefit unless that sanctuary is allowed to become yours.

There's a good way to do this, and a bad way. And with the bad way being much more accessible, the curious and/or evil player will not hesitate to give it a whirl.

Using a Stained Page at the altar of a sanctuary will desecrate the idol placed there, summoning legions of powerful warriors that will swiftly turn you into a pile of salted caramel.

It's possible to fight them off if you're a high enough level, and players who are rotten to the core will know that desecrating a sanctuary leads to some particularly treacherous hidden content. But, the more likely outcome here is that curiosity got the better of you, and now the game is going to be sure to make you pay for your transgressions.

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