10 Bullsh*t Video Game Mechanics You Had To Go With

Sekiro's Dragonrot was one step too far.

Sekiro shadows die twice
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If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you at least consider yourself a regular game-player, and have played a fair few titles in your time. You know your hitboxes from your jump-dashes, your blind boxes from your premium currencies, and your over-encumbrances from your fast-travel spawn points.

Point being, you understand the shared language of gaming, and within it are many comments spoken as to the various things developers have gotten wrong over the years, when crafting the genres, mechanics, characters and gameplay styles we now all know and love.

It's easy to forget that console multiplayer has only been a thing for less than 20 years; that genre titans like Apex Legends and Fortnite are just children, and that from fans to creators, we're all striving to experience that "perfect" game that gets everything just right.

The following then, range from awkward design experiments to bugbears and bygone tropes that for some reason, just won't die. We've all experienced them, we all hate them, but yet they persist.

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