10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been Awesome

2. Prey 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) (2012)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X68VEaIIdc Please watch the trailer above. I know, right? If you didn't watch the trailer, what you missed is one of the most impressive video game trailers ever made. Yes, it's CGI. However, the footage is entirely representative of gameplay we've already seen. For those not familiar with Prey 2; the series was originally thought up prior to the Half-Life been released. The game centred around a Native American protagonist who is granted extraordinary powers to fight off an approaching alien menace It wasn't until 2006 when a new, shinier version of the original game was released to the public. An fps at heart, Prey stood out from the crowd with it's at the time, outstanding portal physics and amazing level design. The sequel, Prey 2 was announced shortly before the first Prey. Two years later, and Bethesda studios are granted the rights to publish Prey 2 with development being conducted by Human Head Studios. Human Head planned to develop a Blade Runner-esq game set across a huge, openly exploratory Alien metropolis. Everything was going smoothly. That was until March 2012, when rumors began to circulate among the gaming media that not all is well with the new Prey game. Bethesda soon refused to comment on the matter, saying only that the game would miss its scheduled 2012 release window. Then things got a little confusing. It's important to clarify, that aside from the employees involved, no one really know what is going on with the current development of Prey 2. It was reported however, that Human Head Studios were not happy with the terms its contract with publisher ZeniMax and deliberately stopped working on the game in an attempt to negotiate a better deal. After several months of rumor and speculation, news outlets reported that many of the team had been laid off, with developers hoping they would be rehired once the issue was resolved. Then, the news stopped. Recently, rumors have begun to circulate that Bethesda are preparing to re-announce Prey 2 to the world. We can only hope that all the hard work poured into this game will eventually make it's way onto our Hard Drives.
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