10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been GOTY

You could release this Indy game now and it would still be incredible.

Indiana Jones Game

The process of making a video game is a strenuous one, in all the ways you can imagine. Ensuring the engine is correct, getting artists to render environments, auditioning voice actors, hiring good developers - just thinking about it giving me a hernia, so I better stop.

As it is such a complex and mammoth task, many projects often don't see the light of day, or at least the interior lights of a storefront. Usually this isn't cause for concern; many developers cut their losses if a project can't get off the ground and nobody ever finds out.

However, there have been times when a game has been in development for months; it has a fanbase, all the potential for greatness, but suddenly it's stopped dead in its tracks and is cast away like a fart in the wind. So, with that odorous image firmly established, here are ten games that would not have stunk, and actually had a chance at Game of the Year had things not gone pear shaped.

Were there any omissions? Was there a game you especially were excited for that got the can? Leave it in the comments and let's open a dialogue about the cancellations of great games.

10. This Is Vegas

Indiana Jones Game

Ah, Las Vegas. The site of greed-guzzling casinos, epilepsy-inducing light shows and very few video games, oddly enough.This Is Vegas could have changed that, and solidified itself as an example of a great action game, had it not met its end before release.

Set in the city of... yep, obviously, the game would have seen the City of Lights as the basis of its Saints Row style of glamour and guns. An open world action/gambling simulator doesn't sound like the most unique game premise out there, but Vegas's commitment to its setting could have differentiated it from its competition from Rockstar and Volition.

The trailers also did a decent job of exemplifying exactly what is so interesting about Vegas: the lights visible from the moon, scantily-clad dancers, the grim prospect of losing all of one's savings in one misjudged roll...

All of it was visible from the first glimpse, and it may have made its mark in how to properly convey a game's setting, but Midway's bankruptcy and an overinflated budget killed any chances Vegas had of relishing on PS3 and 360.


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