10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been GOTY

You could release this Indy game now and it would still be incredible.


The process of making a video game is a strenuous one, in all the ways you can imagine. Ensuring the engine is correct, getting artists to render environments, auditioning voice actors, hiring good developers - just thinking about it giving me a hernia, so I better stop.

As it is such a complex and mammoth task, many projects often don't see the light of day, or at least the interior lights of a storefront. Usually this isn't cause for concern; many developers cut their losses if a project can't get off the ground and nobody ever finds out.

However, there have been times when a game has been in development for months; it has a fanbase, all the potential for greatness, but suddenly it's stopped dead in its tracks and is cast away like a fart in the wind. So, with that odorous image firmly established, here are ten games that would not have stunk, and actually had a chance at Game of the Year had things not gone pear shaped.

Were there any omissions? Was there a game you especially were excited for that got the can? Leave it in the comments and let's open a dialogue about the cancellations of great games.


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