10 Celebrities You Didn't Realise Are Massive Gamers

Even Superman has time for Call of Duty.

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The days of gaming being that strange, oddball past time that Hollywood movies used to make a constant punching bag are long gone. At this point, the stereotype of a 'gamer' - you know the one, the one of a middle-aged man living in his own filth in the bottom of his parent's basement - has long been shattered, and gaming has been embraced as not only acceptable, but one of the biggest mainstream money makers in modern society.

That said, as normalised as it is now and agreed upon that pretty much everyone loves a good gaming session, even if it's just your mother pumping her pension into Candy Crush, it can still be a surprise when a major celebrity, be it an actor, musician or even a YouTube star, announces that they're into the same hobby as you are.

In a way, it's mostly surprising because being a celebrity is a full-time job, and it's difficult to imagine anyone in that world having the time to simply chill out and wreck fools for 8 hours at a time on the latest Call of Duty.

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