10 Celebrity Musicians Hidden In Your Favourite Video Games

Why play as LeBron James when you can shoot three-pointers as Adam Yauch?


Easter eggs within video games are now very much par for the course. Games like Grand Theft Auto, the Batman Arkham series and Halo are rife with homages to fans, references to the lore of the series and nods to the hard-working individuals who put in an almost incomprehensible amount of effort to make some of our favourite interactive titles.

Among these hordes of secretive goodies, there is a different type of surprise in some games that are hidden through the veil of production and casting as opposed to collision and cheat codes.

Some games use their association with a celebrity as a way to give their marketing and PR a shot in the arm. Occasionally, there are times when subtly or a gentle and low-key approach serves as a way to surprise players and long time fans by having a movie star, band frontman or sports legend pop up in some form or another.

In this list, we're looking specifically at when musicians have made a guest appearance in some well-known (and some not so well-known) titles. Sadly, this means I cannot include the masterpieces that are Shaq-Fu and Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City.

Believe me, I tried.


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