10 Challenging Video Game Boss Fights That Lead Directly Into Another One

Another one, and another one, and another one...

video game boss battles

Everyone loves a good boss fight right? From start to finish these experiences can push players to their limits and even far beyond, coaxing greatness out of them with unique mechanics and concepts.

But as with any good boss, if you thought one good encounter was enough, then think again, as the bosses on this list chained their defeat into battling another! Jeez! Gimme a moment to catch my breath!

Moments like these are often completely unexpected, and because you've spent the last hour memorizing the previous bosses' strategies and moves, means you’ll almost certainly die to this second boss within about five seconds! I know we all love the rush of adrenaline you get from finally vanquishing a vexing villain, but this is like an overdose!

Some of these entries are absolute slog fests, some were surprising joys, but either way you best be prepared for a boss rush in each of these titles.

10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - The Guardian Ape

video game boss battles

Shadows Die Twice at first seems like a rather pretentious subtitle for a game about slashing stuff to pieces, but it turns out it has layers of complex poetic meaning behind it: because apparently, THINGS WILL NOT STAY DEAD.

Just ask the Guardian Ape boss, who also dies twice.

This protective primate guards the Lotus of the Palace, so the player will need to defeat him to progress and he is nothing if not a formidable foe, but thankfully two things undermine his ferocity. Firstly, he’s got a bare bottom, and that’s just embarrassing. Secondly, and more importantly, he’s got a giant blade sticking straight through his neck. which is hindering his progress.

And with some determination and skill you can relieve the pressure by using it to lop this badass baboon melon off. Phew! time to relax right?......Right?


Yes that's right, thanks to a horrible demon centipede inside the ape, he's back for one more round, something you could never have expected on your first playthrough and now it's using the very sword that was stuck in him as a weapon.

Hope you kept some healing items.


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