10 Cheapest One-Hit Kill Enemies In Gaming History

Instant death in any game is always a pain.


Sometimes a game is hard because you turned up the difficulty. You’ll have limited health, enemies will be tougher, ammo will be scarce and maybe the puzzles and pathways will change.

No one minds that, but what can really throw a spanner in the works is an enemy turning round and just obliterating you in one.hit.

In fairness, these types of enemies can be seen as a rarity, and lucky for us, a lot of developers will save the one-hit bad boys for higher difficulties.

Perhaps this sounds better from an outside perspective but now you’ve got tons of enemies able to kill you in one as you go through your legendary or expert completion. Achievement hunters get the worst of it, I swear.

From the original Mario titles to The Last of Us, Skyrim to Resident Evil 2’s remake, these fu**ers continue to crop up even to this day. As a result, we’re here to raise awareness against the cheapest, most downright awful one-hit kills out there, difficulty and gameplay alike.

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