10 Classic Cheat Codes Every Video Game Should Have

Destrucotid Back in the day, before the industry began to find mainstream success and was mostly associated as €œtoys for nerds€, video games were challenging. Some of them were so tough the only way to get through them was by working up the courage to swallow your pride and just enter in some helpful cheat codes to alleviate your frustrations or just completely strip away the difficulty entirely. If you didn€™t need cheat codes, well you were most likely either worshipped by your fellow nerds or envied, and most likely seen as some sort of alpha turbo nerd who received a double dosage of jokes at school. Personally, I think you€™re awesome. In this current generation however, where gaming has transcended in to a mainstream cultural phenomenon, that sense of challenge has mostly been sacrificed for better or worse. Have you ever played Uncharted 3 on Beginner mode? Once upon a time me and my friends did (just to casually blow through the story), but we didn€™t expect ourselves to be nearly in tears laughing at how Drake practically becomes a Terminator capable of just running around fist fighting his way through every shootout. That€™s not a knock on Uncharted 3 though, that difficulty setting is legitimately there for a good reason, to make the game beyond accessible for those not comfortable with gaming yet. Its hardest difficulty exists and is still tough as nails. Factoring this in with the additional trophy/achievement systems and the result is very few remaining games that have or even need cheats. Cheats don€™t have to be about lightening the load though, sometimes they€™re fun to activate and mess around with, bending the game's rules to your will. With that in mind it is disappointing that cheat codes are essentially non-existent nowadays. In this article we will be looking at 10 classic cheats and how they could have and could continue adding to gaming if they hadn€™t just been tossed aside.
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