10 Classic FIFA Songs

Before YouTube made complaining about FIFA cool, its soundtracks used to be what stirred us.


The term "FIFA song" has become a part of the musical lexicon, though nobody quite knows what one is. There is no formula or genre that defines it. It's all about the feeling. A FIFA Song can be techno, hip-hop, indie, rock and roll or even samba. It's a genre breaking description for music with a certain character. What that certain character is, however, remains something of an intangible. Kinda like Dimitar Berbatov's coolness.

Over the years, FIFA soundtracks have become a part of almost every football fan's life. Some songs ingrained themselves into football culture, an example being how most fans still think "FIFA 98" when they hear Blur's Song 2. Other songs have transcended the space between a video game and everyday life. Not many people knew who on earth Kings Of Leon were before FIFA 2004, apart from those who modeled their lives on the opinions of NME writers of the time.

"FIFA songs" represent seasons in our lives. They gave us something to which we could make memories and escape to. And to many of us, those soundtracks probably helped us to develop the taste in music we have today, especially in the pre-YouTube days.

But instead of trying to crack what a "FIFA song" is, let us revel in some of the most nostalgic, and perhaps forgotten hits the FIFA series has ever produced.

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