10 Classic PC Video Games That Have Only Improved With Age

10. Baldur's Gate

Black Isle Studios

Baldur’s Gate achieved almost universal acclaim upon its release, often credited with rejuvenating the entire RPG genre.

The game – an isometric, real-time strategy game, published by Interplay Entertainment – was praised for its impeccable design, character customisation options, combat system, reputation mechanics, and overall story. In fact, it was praised for pretty much everything, receiving very little negative criticism whatsoever.

Baldur’s Gate spawned several sequels, as well as numerous remakes. Currently, Bioware are planning a possible third instalment in the series, considering the game something of a passion project for the company, as well as a long-term priority.

To date, the game is played in abundance – and despite some outdated visuals – completely holds up, which makes sense considering the central appeal of the game is its narrative, which never grows old.


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