10 Classic Video Game Glitches That Allowed Us All To Cheat


From Space Invaders to The Last Of Us, glitches have existed since the dawn of gaming time. Glitches will continue to exist even in the future as no game is perfect, and there will always be an error in coding or physics simulation due to human error.

A glitch is an irregularity in the programming which can break gaming mechanics by allowing a player to fall through maps or walk through walls. Cheating, on the other hand, uses features intentionally added, be it for debugging or as secrets, to create an advantage beyond normal gameplay.

The main difference between glitches and cheats is that cheats can be implemented into the game willingly by developers, to enhance game experience and make it enjoyable. A good example of this is the Grand Theft Auto series where the developers made cheats for spawning in vehicles and weapons.

As we all know, glitches come in all forms and can range from being game breaking extremes to straight out hilarious. In this article I€™ll outline some of the glitches that allowed us to essentially cheat and how they can be performed. I did not go through why and how each glitch occurs technically, otherwise this article would have been excessively long.

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