10 Comeback Video Games That Proved EVERYONE Wrong

10. Rayman Origins


Being demoted to a known brand slapped onto some random franchise about rabbits is not a nice death to die for a classic video game character. Rayman, originally known for his 2D, fast-paced platforming, is a comeback on a smaller scale, but one that deserves its place on the list.

It took eight years for Rayman to regain his prior role as a leading man and although Rayman Origins wasn’t a huge financial success, it was an awesome return that sparked a sequel just round the corner.

The games are simple. You run along the level, picking up speed and slapping the enemies out of your way. The visuals are vibrant, along with a great soundtrack and level design. The downside is that Origins was fairly short.

The upside, however, is that Rayman Legends, the better known sequel, improved in almost every way.

More levels, which means more of those unique backdrops, more characters to play as and bundled into Legends for no extra costs was the entirety of Rayman Origins. His career wasn’t launched into the A-list with the likes of Mario, Sonic and Megaman, but Rayman proved he could offer a unique edge to the 2D platforming genre once more.

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