10 Comic Characters Still Waiting for Video Game Justice

If only every superhero game could be as good as Batman's Arkham series.

Superman-64-Cover Comic book characters have been making the jump to video games for decades, yet the majority of these games tend to - well, they tend to suck. More recently we have seen Batman and the Arkham series take the gaming world by storm, but even Batman has his Dark Tomorrow. Spider-Man has seen a number of games in his history, with a few hitting the mark, and many more falling short. There are a number of characters who have either starred in their own terrible games, or perhaps made an appearance in another more popular titles without getting much time for themselves. There are even a few characters who have had games fall into developmental hell and never get finished, published, or ever heard from again. We are going to take a look at 10 characters who have yet to see a game that really does them justice, starting with:

10. Aquaman

Offending Game - Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis (Lucky Chicken Studios) Largely considered one of the worst games ever made, Aquaman's only game title came out for the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube, but we kind of wish it hadn't. Sloppy and disorienting controls made exploring the washed-out and abandoned city of Atlantis tedious and unfulfilling. You battled repetitive villains in two modes: swimming around the city and mashing a button to fight, or piloting a ship in the worst underwater Star Fox rip-off I've ever seen. The infuriatingly useless gameplay reminds us of another terrible comic game we will talk about later. Featuring the only-in-the-'90s version of Aquaman that saw the character grunge out with a hook for a hand, the game remains to this day a stain on the character, and video games in general. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOQFZefkSNk How It Should Play: As with any good adaptation, first we need to look to the source material for inspiration. Geoff Johns has spent a few years building the character up to a new level of popularity, and any game developer would be a fool not to take that into account. With a number of villains peppered throughout the game, Aquaman can play a series of missions set both underwater and above ground that would actually utilise not only his unique abilities, but capitalise on some of the coolest moments of Aquaman's recent rise to respectability. Special Move: Mentally calling and controlling a huge sea monster to take out the last copy of Battle for Atlantis, save the city, and enjoy some Mera-time.

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