10 Completely Insane Video Game Details Nobody Noticed

8. Food Is More Expensive At The Theatre (Just Like Real Life) - BioShock

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2K Games

BioShock may be a masterful feat of sci-fi escapism, but it also includes one tiny detail sure to remind you of actual, everyday life.

If you frequent a vending machine in Fleet Hall Theatre, you might be disturbed to find the exorbitant prices of the food stuffs within, particularly the cream-filled cakes.

The cakes cost up to 40x what they do in other vending machines out in the field, and so we're forced to conclude that somebody at 2K probably isn't too happy about how expensive snacks are in theatres and cinemas.

Granted, you can hack vending machines to drastically lower the price to something more reasonable, but it's clear that a BioShock dev somewhere has a real chip on their shoulder about this blight plaguing our society. And too right.


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