10 Coolest Secret Video Game Levels You Need To Play

Here's some incredible levels you might have missed!

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There is a thrill to finding secrets in video games that no other entertainment medium can replicate. Sure, spotting a cool Easter egg in the latest Marvel flick is a great feeling, but walking a playable character off the beaten track and being rewarded for your curiosity cannot be bested. This is especially true when you discover a whole new level.

Hidden levels in video games are a delight as they give you more of a game you love and often deliver something entirely unique. Most of them allow the developers to let their creative impulses run wild, giving you a phenomenal experience that provides additional features outside the game's typical content.

This can mean a switch-up in the genre or a complete stylistic change. There are even some that simply give you more of the same. Still, no matter what you get, there's a lot to love.

There have been plenty of incredible hidden levels throughout video game history, sprinkled within titles ranging from the biggest Triple-A releases to the smallest indie games. The following ten are easily some of the coolest, and there's a decent chance you haven't managed to play them yet.

10. Super Mario - Dying Light

borderlands 3

Have you ever found yourself playing a modern game and thinking "hmm, I'd like to keep playing this and relive my childhood at the same time"? Well, the developers of Dying Light have got you covered, as they foresaw this bizarre scenario and popped it into their zombie game.

There is a hidden level in the 2015 title that takes you into an area inspired by World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. It's full of zombies styled like Goombas, an accurate aesthetic to the Nintendo classic and even features the block layout so you can use your parkour skills to feel just like the red-clad video game icon.

Unlike many other entries on this list, this one's easy to access. All you need to do is head to Old Town and reach the southwestern corner of the map. There you'll find a building with a chimney that homes a green pipe. Like Mario, jump on in, and you'll find yourself here.

In addition to the awesome Easter Egg, you can also get your hands on the Pyza suit blueprint in this hidden mission. This piece of clothing, once crafted, acts just like Mario's Tanooki suit. It allows you to glide after a jump, making you feel even more like the iconic Italian plumber. That is, of course, if Mario ever decided to grab a real weapon and mow down hordes of the undead.

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