10 Coolest Starter Pokémon

Starters for ten.

The Pokemon Company

Over the years I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve found myself in a lab with a professor who for some reason has a tree-related name, stood in front of three Pokéballs. The choice was always a difficult one: Grass? Fire? Water? We know that this choice can take a long time, as it’s something that will mould the future. At the time, nothing is more important.

So in honour of the brand new Pokémon: Sun and Pokémon - Moon releasing all over the world this week - I’m going to count down the ten coolest starter Pokémon that we all spent hours and hours training and levelling up!

This list isn’t the best of the pocket monsters at all: it’s the coolest. It's the ones that made us smirk at their awesomeness and had our opponents worrying what devastating moves we’d throw their way.

Let’s get to it then. Time to find out which starter really is the coolest of them all…

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